For Weddings you will need the following:
Birth Certificates or a Passport.
divorce document ( If you have been previously married), you MUST show evidence of your divorce.
Death certificate (if you are a widow/ed)
Photo Id

Baby Naming Ceremonies

A Naming ceremony is a custom-designed version of the traditional and ritual, that allows you to invite your friends and family along to your child’s first spiritual milestone, the most amazing and important event in our lives is the addition to our families of a new life. Baby Naming Ceremonies are a wonderful way to share your joy with family and friends. The Naming Ceremony follows a format including grandparents, guardians or godparents. A special Naming Certificate is included. Godparents, Mentors, Guardians, Godmother, can also be gifted certificates.

Commitment ceremony

Some don’t feel the need for a legal marriage yet still would like to publicly declare their unity and celebrate with an unforgettable party. Publicly declaring your love with a commitment ceremony is a profound moment in life with or without paperwork. Couples who have married overseas may wish to continue the celebrations with a commitment ceremony in Sydney and invite family and friends who were not at the legal wedding.

Renewal of Vows

Here is no better way of reaffirming your love for one another than with a Renewal of Vows. This is a time when you acknowledge how special your life together has been, and will continue to be in the future. Let me help you create a moment in time when you speak to each other from the heart. Why are more people renewing their wedding vows? maybe after a period of separation by distance , to revisit their commitment to each other; it is a fun way to celebrate your anniversary, regardless of the number of years. All the elements of the traditional marriage ceremony are suitable for renewal of vows. It must be clear that this ceremony is a renewal of vows and not a marriage ceremony.


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